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Buy Popcorn, Support Scouting

The Springer Fire just south of Lake George, CO, cost the local Boy Scout Council, (the Pikes Peak Council), hundreds of dollars worth of damages and closed the council camp for two weeks. Many other costs and fees were incurred when scouts were sent to other camps, and other unforeseen circumstances led to a considerable (read $200,000+) deficit.

Needless to say, the insurance probably won’t cover the full loss of business, and the Council is under water, financially speaking.

Here’s how you can help:

This fall, like every other fall, cute little boys in button-up shirts and neckerchiefs will be ringing your doorbell asking you to buy over-priced popcorn. Those same little boys will be sitting out in front of grocery stores around town, asking you to buy the same over-priced popcorn.

When they do, don’t turn them away. Buy some! Over 70% of what you pay will go directly to that scout and the council, and let’s face it: Boy Scout popcorn is some of the tastiest stuff this side of the Atlantic, and who wouldn’t want to support cub scouts? This way you can support Scouting and get some popcorn out of the deal, too.

(If a scout doesn’t come to your door, go to and click the “Change” link next to the big flashing “NO ONE”. Enter your zip code to support your local council. That’s all there is to it, and then proceeds of the popcorn you pay go directly to your local scouts!)